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The connection to yesterday’s image are the wings, otherwise they have nothing in common. I could easily write a twenty page essay about the meaning of this photograph, which is called Fly shit on the world, but don’t worry, I won’t. It is obvious that there are many different layers to it.

It is another example of the images I thought would only appeal to me as the artist. I was surprised the other day when I had it up on my screen at work and a friend walked in and said to me: “Print this on A1 and I’ll hang it up.”  Before I could be flattered he added “What is it?”  I guess he must have been attracted to the colours in the first instance. I couldn’t enter into a discussion with him, he was gone as quickly as he had come and along the way lost his chance to get a print-out of this one. I am happy to give him another one of my images though, one that is more easily understood.

Yesterday’s image was the “yang” to the old lady in the post lonely path (“yin”). The bare trees, the coldness and the male person climbing up the stairs into the light, while the old lady walks into the darkness…

When I put yesterday’s image up, I remembered this one here, which I always like for it’s colours. The image yesterday was taken in the ruins of an old castle in Germany. The castle dates back to 914 and sits on top of a volcano not far from Lake Constanze.  Meanwhile at the other end of the world, New Zealand wasn’t even inhabited by humans at this time. The first Moa-hunters arrived here around 1300. (The Moa is long gone, people are still here). The picture in this post was taken in some defense tunnels that were built into a volcano at the harbour entrance to Auckland. They were build in the 1880’s  when there was a scare of a Russian invasion.

I really enjoy going through my images for my blog. Putting some up, one by one, makes me realise that I actually do have recurring themes. Loneliness and isolation obviously rate very high. But don’t send the men in white coats along, I am perfectly normal :). My images are just a counter balance to daily life, they help to de-stress.

I digressed again, didn’t I?

The blog is supposed to be about the dede puppets and it is time to introduce the latest addition to the troupe: Push-Push. She is a nice enough puppet, but she is always blowing her own trumpet. If you look past the glitter, you will find she is plain boring, and doesn’t have many ideas of her own. She loves to slip into her colourful circus gear and a real transformation takes place: “Look at me, look at me, look at what I can do” she calls out.  And then she shows you tricks as old as Methuselah. “Yawn,” I say and walk away.

These two, Pig and Witch, were early puppets. (If I recall correctly, Witch was the third puppet I ever made). They are a reminder of how relationships change over time. These two were really good mates once, but now they can’t stand each other. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I suspect it is because Witch turned into a health freak and a teetotaler, while Pig likes his booze. Pig is now hanging out with Professor while Witch keeps more or less to herself.

I noticed the more puppets I make the more negative (in my opinion) traits they display. The first lot of fifteen, they were my friends. They have their little quirks, the ones you just reckon with in friends. Some of them I like more, others a little less, but they are all puppets I wouldn’t mind inviting round to my place.

The newer ones are more like acquaintances. I know them, but some of them have traits I totally dislike. The worst is, that I can easily come up with these now.

I have two more books planned for later this year, early next year. The next one will be of course about Puppy the love sick stalker (by the way, he has moved back into the house and he is starting to annoy me) and the following one will be about Hermit loosing his job. Pretty sure all the negative characters will find their place in this one.

I am currently working on a puppet called PushPush. It is one that drives her own agenda, no matter what. Along the way she tramples all over the others. Yes, pretty sure you find her at the average workplace. And then I think, I really need to get started on Procrastinator as well.

I’ve finished two more puppets. This here is Foxy Lady. She is a beauty, I could fall in love with her myself. Initially I started her as a play mate for Lou, but now I think is she is too mature for Lou. No… I certainly wouldn’t be happy if Lou tried to chase her instead of  Skeleton. His puppy love for Skeleton is a pain, but at least I know he is going nowhere.

I have updated the Character page and finally included the three puppets that were on show as well as the two new ones.

I have to tell you what just happened. I am really shocked (and this doesn’t happen very often).

I went down to the letterbox to get my newspaper. (Yes, I still get it delivered and read it religiously.) My Neighbour Envy was out at the same time. He had been on honeymoon. I didn’t even notice they had come back. He recently got married to Twofaced. I will have to wait and see whether this relationship lasts.  They seem to have a lot of like-minded friends though. Honestly, when they moved in I thought they ran a swinger’s club, with the constant stream of visitors they had.

Anyway, back to my story. So here was Envy standing in his garden waving me over to his place. I followed his invitation, he is a nice enough guy as long as you don’t have something he wants. (Make sure you never lend him your tools, you won’t get them back). Being neighbourly, I thought he was keen to tell me about his honeymoon. Was I mistaken!  He launched right into me. “What’s going on in your place?” he asked indignantly, while I was only half way across the road.

“What do you mean?” I asked back, I really didn’t know what he was going on about.

“What’s with all the comings and goings to the kennel? I see all sorts of people loitering about. I would watch this young puppy of yours. He isn’t into drugs, is he?”

I was flabbergasted and tried to laugh his accusations off. I told him that Lou had been sick all week. He shook his head and walked away, muttering: “Take him into the house when he is sick, don’t leave him in the draughty kennel”

I just stood there standing in the middle of the road with my newspaper in hand and my mouth hanging open, wondering what had just hit me!

It is very wintery now and it rains a lot. The beauty in our country is that it never rains for very long. Sometimes we have all fours seasons packed into one day.  Yesterday lunchtime it was like summer and I grabbed my sandwich and headed for the bench at the library, which is nicely sheltered from the wind and drenched in sun. I had hardly settled, when Ducky passed by. Ducky wants to stand for office in the Dede Society and now he makes everything his business. He has an opinion about everything and everybody. Most of the time he doesn’t even acknowledge me but obviously he had heard something and of course he had to stop today.  He towered over me with the sun at his back and said: “I hear you have difficulties with Lou! Can I help in anyway?”

I had to shield my eyes and squint to look at him “No, not really,” I replied. He didn’t move and went on to tell me how well connected he is and that he could get Lou into a really good puppy school if I wanted. I just let him talk, there is no need to interrupt him, he doesn’t like listening much. I know I should have said something, but I also thought what’s happening in my house is not such a big deal . I am very much one for keeping it in the family.

Finally he gave up but not without saying: “You know you have to stop them early. Lou is a nice young lad, but you don’t want to him to go around and pee on every lamp post!”

He is a puppy for god’s sake, I thought, but was so pleased to finally get rid of Ducky. If I’d said something, he would have started again…

I am very tired at the moment. I really feel the dedes pulling and tugging at me and it starts to wear me down. I thought I would treat myself to an early night. This wasn’t a good idea though. As you might know by now, Monster has a flat under the bed and Skeleton Edeltraut has virtually moved in with him. Mouse is good mates with Skeleton Edeltraut and of all nights in the week she picked last night to pay Edeltraut a visit. Obviously Monster had gone out and Skeleton didn’t want to be on her own. She finds her family very boring now, as they sit in the wardrobe playing cards, day and night.

I have to be fair, usually they are reasonably considerate and keep their voices down, but last night I heard Mouse’s high shriek of exclamation and had to listen to what they were saying. Edeltraut of course told her the story of Lou‘s scare attack. “Oh no,” I thought  “don’t tell Mouse!” It is an open secret: if Mouse has news every dede in the world will know it by lunch time.

It’s usually not my thing, but I had to say something as Lou wasn’t there to defend himself. “Excuse me!” I said (it just popped out without thinking too much) “but Lou has a totally different view on the story.” Mouse and Skeleton both jumped out at me. “Of course he would,” Skeleton replied quite angrily, “he had three days to think a  good one up!” Mouse only shook her head and said: “You are such a sucker for a story, aren’t you? You believe everything.” I thought that was a bit rich coming from Mouse!

I was too drained to have a long discussion, so I just turned round and said: “What ever…” I will have to tell Lou he needs a good publicist to do damage control.


Pirate came by. He wanted to sell me some tapes he’d found in his ol’ man’s cellar. He just assumed I would belong to an age group that still had tapes and I would have a recorder to go with it. (And no, I am not talking video tapes here…) Sorry to disappoint you, Pirate, I never owned a tape recorder. These gadgets were even before my time. I am a bit offended though, next time he will be offering me a record for a gramophone…

Anyway, he had tea with me and was very surprised not to see Lou hanging around. Usually these two go all gaga when they are together and do hilleareous things. I told him Lou is having a bit of a sulk out in the kennel.

So Pirate went over there and didn’t come back for ages. I don’t really trust Pirate to offer the best advice to a young puppy, so I sneaked up on them and eavesdropped for a while. I am not proud of myself and I made sure nobody could see me. It’s not a thing I usually do and I don’t want anybody to know.

Pirate spoke in a very soothing and quite voice. I was surprised, as he is usually very boisterous. I have never seen this side of him. I heard him saying Lou shouldn’t worry, there are plenty more skeletons out there. Every human has at least four or five, they are there for the taking. “Yeah right,” I thought, “that is so Pirate… He would sell Lou one of his own skeletons if he could”. Thankfully Lou was in no state to accept anything or make any deals (apart from this, he has only a small allowance of pocket money and Pirate normally asks exorbitant prices). Lou kept mumbling something about Edeltraut’s lovely bones.

I knew I could leave them to it, there would be no resolution. So I went back into the house and had another cup of tea.