Pirate came by. He wanted to sell me some tapes he’d found in his ol’ man’s cellar. He just assumed I would belong to an age group that still had tapes and I would have a recorder to go with it. (And no, I am not talking video tapes here…) Sorry to disappoint you, Pirate, I never owned a tape recorder. These gadgets were even before my time. I am a bit offended though, next time he will be offering me a record for a gramophone…

Anyway, he had tea with me and was very surprised not to see Lou hanging around. Usually these two go all gaga when they are together and do hilleareous things. I told him Lou is having a bit of a sulk out in the kennel.

So Pirate went over there and didn’t come back for ages. I don’t really trust Pirate to offer the best advice to a young puppy, so I sneaked up on them and eavesdropped for a while. I am not proud of myself and I made sure nobody could see me. It’s not a thing I usually do and I don’t want anybody to know.

Pirate spoke in a very soothing and quite voice. I was surprised, as he is usually very boisterous. I have never seen this side of him. I heard him saying Lou shouldn’t worry, there are plenty more skeletons out there. Every human has at least four or five, they are there for the taking. “Yeah right,” I thought, “that is so Pirate… He would sell Lou one of his own skeletons if he could”. Thankfully Lou was in no state to accept anything or make any deals (apart from this, he has only a small allowance of pocket money and Pirate normally asks exorbitant prices). Lou kept mumbling something about Edeltraut’s lovely bones.

I knew I could leave them to it, there would be no resolution. So I went back into the house and had another cup of tea.