I am very tired at the moment. I really feel the dedes pulling and tugging at me and it starts to wear me down. I thought I would treat myself to an early night. This wasn’t a good idea though. As you might know by now, Monster has a flat under the bed and Skeleton Edeltraut has virtually moved in with him. Mouse is good mates with Skeleton Edeltraut and of all nights in the week she picked last night to pay Edeltraut a visit. Obviously Monster had gone out and Skeleton didn’t want to be on her own. She finds her family very boring now, as they sit in the wardrobe playing cards, day and night.

I have to be fair, usually they are reasonably considerate and keep their voices down, but last night I heard Mouse’s high shriek of exclamation and had to listen to what they were saying. Edeltraut of course told her the story of Lou‘s scare attack. “Oh no,” I thought  “don’t tell Mouse!” It is an open secret: if Mouse has news every dede in the world will know it by lunch time.

It’s usually not my thing, but I had to say something as Lou wasn’t there to defend himself. “Excuse me!” I said (it just popped out without thinking too much) “but Lou has a totally different view on the story.” Mouse and Skeleton both jumped out at me. “Of course he would,” Skeleton replied quite angrily, “he had three days to think a  good one up!” Mouse only shook her head and said: “You are such a sucker for a story, aren’t you? You believe everything.” I thought that was a bit rich coming from Mouse!

I was too drained to have a long discussion, so I just turned round and said: “What ever…” I will have to tell Lou he needs a good publicist to do damage control.