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snippedy drinking

This week the contestants have to talk about themselves and Snippedy had a rather bad start. When Mouse took the rubbish out she found the clown lolling about with a bottle of schnapps behind the theatre . “You know,” Mouse said to console him, “it’s okay, not everyone wants to talk about themselves.” But Snippedy felt sorry for himself. “Yes they all do” he said recalcitrantly. “I am the only one who can’t. I stuffed up big time” and he took another gulp from the bottle.

“Well” said Mouse resolutely “this is certainly not the solution!” She grabbed the bottle and chucked it into the bin together with her other rubbish and left a gobsmacked Snippedy standing there.

Lapdog intro

Meanwhile, in the theatre Devil had to figure out who is next. There were two contestants with equal numbers: Lapdog and Granddad Max. Devil didn’t put much thought in it. “Okay, ladies first” he said and made a gesture towards Lapdog. Lapdog looked around first and then came up to the stage. “I guess you mean me” she said to Devil. “If you want me to go first, I would have appreciated it if you’d said beauty before age or something.”

Devil looked at her in astonishment. “Aren’t you a lady?” he asked.

“No I am not,” she said quite bruskly.  “Just because I’m pretty doesn’t mean I’m female.” Devil didn’t know what to say and looked her up and down. “Well” he said quietly and hoped the contestant wouldn’t hear it “we Dedes are heads only, so I can’t look into your pants.”

Lapdog has obviously had this discussion before. “We Dedes still have a gender and I consider myself gender fluid.”

“What is that supposed to mean? God only made two genders” said Devil at a loss. Lapdog laughed out loud. “That is too much to discuss here in a talent show” she said. “All I can say is that in my profession it is very beneficial to be able to emphasise with both genders equally. And I can.”

“Okay we’ll leave it then” said Devil, happy to conclude the subject. After all the Dedes embrace diversity. “Can you tell us something about yourself then?”

“I thought I just did!”



blue tack

Witch and the old owl racked their brains to find a solution for Esta’s memory loss, but to no avail. Finally, the old owl called in his pet Little Blue Tack. It looks like a duck, sticks around and often has very creative ideas. It settled down on the owl’s beak and hopefully the three of them can come up with a solution swiftly. It’s becoming urgent now.

You might have heard of our  Australian friend Tony who has created a stunning Punch and Judy cast (He is currently working on a dog. You should have a look).

Tony has asked Esta Blished to cast a spell for Punch so his performance this weekend will be a success. Punch got a gig at a market that rejected him last year for not being PC. What is the world coming to? Honestly, throughout the centuries, the most marketable and endearing feature of Punch was his UnPCness, wasn’t it?

Anyway, as we have “Ask Us Anything” this week, I counted Tony’s request as an ask. I am just a bit worried that Esta will get everything mixed up.


devil elephant diet

Yesterday  Push Push decided her and Devil should go on a diet. It’s so much more fun together and they might have a better chance sticking to it when they support each other. She even volunteered to prepare all the food for both of them. The only thing Devil can cook is chilli-hot beans in flat bread. (The recipe for the flat bread is in the Artist’s Survival Cookbook, the beans he still keeps a secret!). Anyway, Push Push knows that Devil favours red food. So she prepared a nice salad, which is typical for her as she is vegetarian. Devil sniffed at the offering and asked “where is the meat?” Of course the redder the better. Hmmm, Push Push’s plan might be doomed.

nuddy swim

So, Lil’Dede Mole has taken off with all the robes. This was a real blow for the Dedes and needs to be investigated. They have now become so accustomed to their clothes that they feel extremely self-conscious without their proper attire. But for now nothing could be done about it so they wondered what else they could do on hot summer’s day. Well, you can go for a swim in the nuddy they thought, and off they went to the beach. Unfortunately, what looked like an inviting sparkling blue ocean turned out to be a sea of plastic. “No birds here either” said Clown disappointed. This has to be investigated too.

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Monkey was intrigued by Loudmouth’s experience and being such a ‘me-too’ puppet he wanted to meet his doppelgänger as well. Out he ventured into the garden, though the best place to find a monkey is in the jungle. He searched for the thickest growth. Luckily I was there and could prevent him from taking to it with a machete. You can imagine his disappointment when I told him he was actually sitting between the lettuce and the tomato plants in the vege patch. He scratched his head and then his eyes lit up. “Ah, I know where I have seen my doppelgänger. Follow me!” And with these words he ran into the house, straight into the bathroom and blew kisses at the mirror. “No, this is your reflection,” I lectured him. I could see his frustration. “This must be it then,” he said and pointed to the cup from dededesign zazzle store.”Please do me a favour and look up what dopplegänger actually means!” I said, before he could grab a pen and draw his face on something.



Drum roll for the new film. I have to admit, the Dedes are much better cooks than singers :) . This time they made flatbread, the recipe from the Artist’s Survival Cookbook on page 22. You can fill the bread with grated vegetables and cheese. Yummmmyyy.

For this film Devil wanted to be the director because it is his recipe in the book. He finally let me know what his gripe is with the rest of the Dedes. He finds them far too unprofessional and in his mind they have to seriously up their game. For this reason Mouse didn’t show him the final version before she uploaded it to Youtube. She wanted to avoid the scathing remarks he will no doubt air as soon as he sees the film. That would have been too much for her yesterday.

nine chums relaxing2

… my true love brought to me Nine chums relaxing, eight puppets groaning, seven Dedes drinking, six punters paying, five golden things, four thrown-off frocks, three strange friends, two purple gloves and a chicken in a dead tree.

In my opinion they don’t look particularly relaxed but rather staged. What do you think? The only one that seems truly relaxed, is Philosopher, the one the far left.  I watched them when they were trying to take the picture. Believe  you me, it was hard work and very counter productive to what they wanted to convey. They moved at least three times before they ended up on the red sofa. By this time they were so over the whole process and they couldn’t care less what they looked like. What I would wish they would bring one day: More patience!

Previous presents

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…my true love brought to me three strange friends, two purple gloves and a chicken in a dead tree.

Three strange friends? What is this about? Aren’t all friends strange to some degree? One of this crowd is obviously severely depressed and they found the skeleton in my closet. Maybe they want to remind me of one of the Dede’s mottoes: Embrace Diversity! Or maybe it is a hint I should appreciate my friends more!

Previous presents

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boxing gloves2 copy

…of Christmas my true love brought to me Two Purple Gloves and a Chicken in a Dead Tree.

Now I am even more bamboozled. They obviously didn’t put much thought into their selection of presents or who is going to deliver them. Isn’t the bunny totally out of season? Also, in the original song, the second present was “two turtle doves”. Doves are the symbol of peace. The gloves and the rabbit’s posture looks more like fighting stance to me. He looks very determined, too.

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Chicken in a dread tree


quiche mouse

Evan G List, the vegan Dede, complained to Cash Cow that most of the recipes have dairy products in them. It’s either butter, milk or both. He doesn’t eat that stuff. Cash Cow said she was raised on it and she wouldn’t like to miss it, though she herself is vegetarian. Then Mouse came along carrying a plate and said that while she doesn’t eat much she does eat everything. That is just her nature. Evan G looked at her in disgust. Mouse explained she comes from a long line of church mice. Her family was so poor they had to eat what they could find. She still appreciates food and is grateful for what she gets. “It’s lucky if you have a choice” she added. “But but you know, if you don’t want to eat dairy, you can make a short pastry with oil instead of butter. I’ve just tried it and here is the result.” She pointed at a slice of quiche on her plate.

It did look delicious. “What’s on it?” Evan G asked suspiciously.

“Left overs from last night’s dinner again. We had mashed potatoes with garden vegetables. But there wasn’t enough left over, so I put sliced tomato on top of the left overs, added two eggs and sprinkled grated cheese over it.”

“Here we go again” said Evan G. “There is cheese and egg on it. No, not for me, thank you.”

“I mean, the base is vegan” said Mouse. “You can choose your own topping. Whatever you like to eat.”


1 cup of flour, 1/4 cup of oil, 1/2 teaspoon of salt (optional), cold water.

1 tart baking tray. The dough is enough for a 12cm x 35cm rectangular tray.


Preheat the oven to 200oC

Place the flour on a flat surface, mix in the salt if you use salt. Pour in oil little by little and work into the flour with your fingertips. It will look like fine semolina when you are done. Add a little cold water and knead. Add only as much water needed to make the dough stick together nicely. Let it rest in the fridge for half an hour or so.

Note: Mouse made the dough after breakfast and left it in the fridge till lunch time. An oil-based dough doesn’t go as hard as one made with butter when it is left longer in the fridge.

Roll out the dough and place on the tart baking tray. Press the dough up the sides to get a bit of a lip at the edge. This prevents the filling from seeping out. Add your choice of filling.

Bake for 20 to 25 minutes.