blue tack

Witch and the old owl racked their brains to find a solution for Esta’s memory loss, but to no avail. Finally, the old owl called in his pet Little Blue Tack. It looks like a duck, sticks around and often has very creative ideas. It settled down on the owl’s beak and hopefully the three of them can come up with a solution swiftly. It’s becoming urgent now.

You might have heard of our  Australian friend Tony who has created a stunning Punch and Judy cast (He is currently working on a dog. You should have a look).

Tony has asked Esta Blished to cast a spell for Punch so his performance this weekend will be a success. Punch got a gig at a market that rejected him last year for not being PC. What is the world coming to? Honestly, throughout the centuries, the most marketable and endearing feature of Punch was his UnPCness, wasn’t it?

Anyway, as we have “Ask Us Anything” this week, I counted Tony’s request as an ask. I am just a bit worried that Esta will get everything mixed up.