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“Life will go on” said Skeleton “it always does!”

“It has to” confirmed Mouse. “We have to decide what to do for our anniversary next month.”

“Yeah, time to come out of the closet and dance like there is no tomorrow” sang the skeleton and shook her lovely bones.

Mouse admitted she hasn’t got very far with the preparations yet, because no-one is helping her. Yesterday, though, she put on the Dedelive website some background information. Click on the button “Why I play with puppets” on the front page for a brief presentation by the artist. It sheds some light on the reason for the Dede’s existence.



“Maybe it won’t be that bad. It will be business as usual and I will simply keep my head down,” said Daredevil getting up.

“Don’t kid yourself, there will be a small but subtle change that will affect everybody big time” said Devil sitting in front of a half full/half empty glass. “At the moment we live in a society where everything that’s not explicitly forbidden is allowed. In future, everything that is not explicitly allowed will be forbidden. Think about it. What do you personally prefer?”


“That is so typical of Witch” complained Daredevil. “She goes on and on about reasons and then buggers off. But what we need are workable solutions. Look, I am tired. I have protested and fought for and against everything under the sun. What we used to do obviously didn’t work, so what now? I am at my wit’s end. Help!”


“And now, here is the last question for you” Detail said. “You are a witch, so why don’t you eradicate evil then?”

“Too right, I am a witch, not the Almighty” replied Witch. “Sadly, I only can try. Just like everyone else.” Then she grabbed her broom and rode off into the sunset, happy to escape the spotlight.



Oops, I left out yesterday’s post. It wasn’t important. It was just, that Mouse got concerned about our 5th anniverary because the Dedes seemed to be more divided than ever before. Detail wanted to push on with her questions to Witch first and then deal with the anniversary. So here is the fourth question: “If there is one thing you could eradicate from the world, what would it be?”

We got a lot of responses from our Instagram readers, but let’s jump straight to Witch’s answer:

“I changed my mind about this one” said Witch, and allowed everyone a quick look into her crystal ball. “Last time I said racism. But now I say we have to eradicate the root of all evil, the narcissists. The ones who believe they are superior to others and the world owes them. These narcissists prey on the vulnerable with promises of riches and power, sow hatred and divide society into good and bad according to their own worldview.”

Then she explained there are not that many true narcissists around. Sadly you can’t argue with them, they will never budge and would rather take the whole world down than admit they were wrong. As for the rest of us we simply have to learn to talk eye-to-eye again. Respect for one another goes a very long way to heal the rift.

Looking at the instagram responses, it appears that yes, taking advantage of an imbalance of power seems to be the gist of it.


“I knew it, I knew it, you wrinkly old bat,” screamed Bossman, “you and your goody-two shoes half-wit friends are against business. We are not supposed to make profit.”

“I beg to differ,” said Witch calmly. “If you’d listened carefully I said ‘I can’t understand that some put profit above’…”

“That is f@$&ing splitting hairs. Go back to your cauldron where you belong!”

Witch turned away and mumbled “this is another thing I don’t get my head around: why do some believe that by screaming personal insults they will be taken seriously. Can anybody enlighten me, please?”



“I can’t get my head around people putting profit over humanity and the environment” said Witch.

This was her answer three years ago and it still is. Now she wonders whether invalidating facts is the feel-good pill for greed. Top Dog goes round like a petulant four-year-old proclaiming Global Warming is a hoax. How can he have the expertise when scientists have spent their lifetime researching?


Chance’s comment made Witch hot under her collar. “I stick to my values, even if I have to burn at the stake.”

“Let’s see if this is true” said Detail, who is currently re-reading five years of Dede blog for their upcoming anniversary. Yesterday she came across the five questions Devil had ask Witch when they were playing tag-a-Dede in 2013. “I will ask you these questions one-by-one again and let the readers know tomorrow what your answer was,” suggested Detail.

“I know what I’ve said,” replied Witch confidently. “I am more interested in what our readers answer to these questions. So please shoot!”
“Q1: What is your pet hate?”

Chance didn’t get a chance to clarify what she meant yesterday.


Mouse is the Dede administrator who does everything by the rulebook. She too, is at her wits end, but instead of counting on magic, she went to Devil’s Advocate and asked what to do next.

“Even the rulebook gives us some options,” said Devil’s Advocate. “Rest assured, I will watch Top Dog like a hawk. As soon as he gives us half a chance we will impeach him.”


“It’s not as easy as Devil’s Advocate makes it out to be” said Detail who is currently researching for the anniversary of the Dedes. She picked a random conversation where @mdubbya87 asked a legitimate and factual question and reaped a barrage of abuse from a fellow human. The fierceness of the comments alarmed her extremely “How can you have a discussion with someone who is simply not prepared to debate?”  she asked and added   “it’s by no means an American phenomenon. We are living in a time where facts have become totally irrelevant… ”

“Shut up, Detail! No-one is interested in your waffle,” called Norman T Newbie from somewhere in the dark.



Monkey got good response yesterday, when he reminded the readers about the Artist’s Survival Cookbook. This encouraged him to revisit the dededesign zazzle store wondering if this was something he could promote as well. And yes, he found coffee mug with his image. Monkey is a bit of a klutz and Alien felt uncomfortable seeing him at the computer. “Hey, what are you doing on the artist’s laptop, Monkey?” he asked and added “You know very well only Mouse and Devil are allowed to touch that.”

“Someone has to look after the Dedes’ interests. Everything seems to have gone to the dogs.”

“Please, please not you, we don’t want monkey business!”