Oops, I left out yesterday’s post. It wasn’t important. It was just, that Mouse got concerned about our 5th anniverary because the Dedes seemed to be more divided than ever before. Detail wanted to push on with her questions to Witch first and then deal with the anniversary. So here is the fourth question: “If there is one thing you could eradicate from the world, what would it be?”

We got a lot of responses from our Instagram readers, but let’s jump straight to Witch’s answer:

“I changed my mind about this one” said Witch, and allowed everyone a quick look into her crystal ball. “Last time I said racism. But now I say we have to eradicate the root of all evil, the narcissists. The ones who believe they are superior to others and the world owes them. These narcissists prey on the vulnerable with promises of riches and power, sow hatred and divide society into good and bad according to their own worldview.”

Then she explained there are not that many true narcissists around. Sadly you can’t argue with them, they will never budge and would rather take the whole world down than admit they were wrong. As for the rest of us we simply have to learn to talk eye-to-eye again. Respect for one another goes a very long way to heal the rift.

Looking at the instagram responses, it appears that yes, taking advantage of an imbalance of power seems to be the gist of it.