Mouse is the Dede administrator who does everything by the rulebook. She too, is at her wits end, but instead of counting on magic, she went to Devil’s Advocate and asked what to do next.

“Even the rulebook gives us some options,” said Devil’s Advocate. “Rest assured, I will watch Top Dog like a hawk. As soon as he gives us half a chance we will impeach him.”


“It’s not as easy as Devil’s Advocate makes it out to be” said Detail who is currently researching for the anniversary of the Dedes. She picked a random conversation where @mdubbya87 asked a legitimate and factual question and reaped a barrage of abuse from a fellow human. The fierceness of the comments alarmed her extremely “How can you have a discussion with someone who is simply not prepared to debate?”  she asked and added   “it’s by no means an American phenomenon. We are living in a time where facts have become totally irrelevant… ”

“Shut up, Detail! No-one is interested in your waffle,” called Norman T Newbie from somewhere in the dark.