The life boat analogy has caused a bit of a stir among our Instagram readers. Particularly Detail’s comment about stepping up or down into the life raft. This morning Devil, the eldest of all Dedes lamented: “We might as well give up. The young puppets don’t want to know what we oldies think and they certainly don’t understand your metaphors, Pirate!”

“Being confused, doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want to understand,” corrected Pirate and explained what Detail had meant yesterday: Stepping up into the lifeboat means you should abandon ship only when it is sinking and the water is up to your neck. If you can step down onto the raft, your boat is still afloat and you gave up too early. Sending a mayday is entirely up to the skipper of the vessel and therefore, inexperienced sailors might send a mayday even if there is no real danger to life and body. Once a mayday is sent, boats in the vicinity have the obligation to come to aid.

“Don’t forget, the Dedes live at the sea, so for them it was a logical metaphor, but I guess most of our readers are landlubbers. I have to agree with Devil, it’s all getting a bit obscure and we are losing track” said Detail. “Can we please continue asking our readers the questions Witch had to answer three years ago?”

“Skip question number 2. It was personal” requested Witch. Detail had to think for a little, before she conceded. Back then Witch was asked to describe herself in three words. Her answer was: patient, independent, good-looking. Most of the puppets thought the last answer one was arguable and revealed Witch as being delusional.

“Okay then” said Detail, avoiding yet another argument “let’s move to Question 3: What can’t you get your head around?”