“Thank you so much for telling us your pet hates” said Witch. “It made me realise I have more than one. But to stick to the truth, three years ago I answered my pet hate is when people judge before they know all facts. I would like to rephrase that for today: I hate when people judge, without even bothering about facts.”


Pirate, another first generation Dede, walked past and believed this was a convention of wise old puppets. He drew on his experience to explain to Witch why some simply ignore facts: “If you are in a manoeuvrable sailboat, of course you find out where the wind is coming from and adjust the sails accordingly. But when you are on a life-raft, it is no longer about plain sailing. Now it is about survival. You ignore the fact you are in shit-street and cling to every little hope.”


“So you think people on the raft have a right to ignore the facts?” queried Detail, who was a bit confused.

“Not at all,” said Pirate, “I believe in solid preparation. While we can’t avoid heavy weather, we have to learn how to cope with it. But once you find yourself on a raft for whatever reason it is too late for that. Tell me honestly, what would you do if a Super-yacht sails by and asks if you need help?”

“That is a hyperthetical question. I never answer hyperthetical questions” responded Detail. “But I can tell you, the most difficult decision is when to abandon ship and go on the raft. The experienced sailor says you have to step up into the raft. When you step down, you left to early.”