rule change

Finally, all the contestants have been introduced to the Instagram readers. As soon as the last two went up this morning, Detail presented the preliminary results to the management team. Mouse didn’t like what she saw. With everything added up, Granddad Max clearly leads with 67 points, second is Lapdog with 65, followed by three puppets with 60 points each. So here we would have our five contestants. However, Mouse was unhappy that Alley Cat, with only one point less, would have to go home. No, that was a little bit too close for Mouse’s liking, so she suggested a rule change. Ah well, we are in Dedeland. (I guess Mouse was a bit fearful about telling a cat she has to go home!). She came up with a new idea instead. All Likes count as one vote and every comment made about a contestant will count as 5 (five). Mouse expects that this will spread the numbers dramatically and she has no problem sending Alley Cat home, should she have 15 points less than the next one. Not even a cat could argue with that.

rule change-2

Mouse quickly drew up a placard and is now parading up and down in front of the stage to get people to comment. Meanwhile, preparations for Sunday are in full swing. Detail will count out all the likes and comments on Sunday morning and then the finalists will be announced with a little do at the theatre later in the day.