Devil had to burn the midnight oil yesterday. When he first saw the list of applicants he picked the five, maybe six Dedes, he thought would make it through the preliminaries. As MC for the competition he has to do some background research on all the contestants. Never in a million years would he have thought that the old man Granddad Max would make it into the competition. But this guy is still holding on to the lead. So now Devil has to catch up on research. Unfortunately, because Granddad Max is so old he has the longest history and this means much more work for Devil.

There are still two contestants yet to be introduced to the Instagram readers tomorrow. As already mentioned, Granddad Max is leading the table at the moment with a total of 65 votes, followed by Lapdog, who has no votes on the blog, but 60 on Instagram. Snippedy the clown and Chambermaid also have 60. Looking at it from a different angle, so far it looks like we will have experience, fun and beauty in the competition. I must say it bodes for a very good contest.

Ah well, it could all change by tomorrow. So if you haven’t voted yet, choose Super Dede 16 from the menu, look at the contestants and vote in the poll at the bottom. And don’t worry, I cannot trace who voted and you won’t get any unsolicited emails if you vote. It is all plain Dede dada fun.