minor and detail

Detail couldn’t stop raving about dinner last night. Evan G. List made the no egg fettucini and matched them with garden fresh zucchini fried in lashings of olive oil, nothing else. And Detail fell in love. “Evan, you really convinced me” she whispered passing the empty plate back to him. “Now I thoroughly believe you can eat something made from water and flour only. I also have to admit a vegan dinner can be absolutely delicious.”

Minor, Detail’s teenage daughter rolled her eyes. “But mum” she piped up “I’ve made crackers from exactly the same dough as Evan’s no egg pasta. Just water and flour. Remember when I was cramming for my exams and you didn’t come back from the shops for ages?”

“No way,” Detail replied a tad too harshly. “If you want to make crackers you must use a leavening agent”

“A what?” Minor looked at her blankly.

“An ingredient that makes the dough lighter, such as baking soda or yeast, even buttermilk, otherwise you will just create a solid brick of flour.” She shock her head at the ignorance of her daughter.

“But mum, I tried it, honestly, and it worked. I cut it up into little squares and baked it in a pre-heated oven at 2100 C for 8 minutes” Minor insisted. “They looked and tasted like mini pita breads and I had them with cheese.”

“Pita bread definitely has yeast in it” Detail lectured.

“Whatever” Minor gave up. She knew she was right. Her aunty Chance had suggested she try it. The instant heat seemed to puff up the dough nicely. But as Detail can’t stand her half-sister Chance, Minor knew she’d better keep the knowledge to herself. To mention Chance’s name would set Detail off and it wasn’t worth it.

Detail realised she had upset her daughter again and tried to humour her. “Remember when Pirate made really yummy crackers when you where little? Maybe that’s why they became your comfort food. Should I ask him for the recipe?” She wondered why she hadn’t had this idea earlier as her daughter’s addiction to crackers put a lot of strain on the budget every week.