witch and foreign c

Yes, Witch caused quite a stir in the Dede world with her project. There is a lot of interest in how it is supposed to work and when the book will be published, and how she will publish it. Question after question. Unfortunately Witch shies away from publicity and would rather like to make the kitchen a no-go zone for everyone while she is in there making her concoctions.  She absolutely hates other Dedes standing around watching her. Foreign Correspondent managed to intercept her between the fridge and the oven yesterday and asked her for an interview. Witch said she is far too busy and continued walking. Foreign Correspondent just followed her around until she said if he gave her some written questions she would answer them when she finds the time. This answer was good enough for  Foreign Correspondent and he finally let her get on with the job. I am pretty sure he will have the questions ready by dinner time tonight. :)