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push push plan

Push Push was excited when she heard we will have the “Studio Warming Party cum Dede recites Dada” at the end of the month. She immediately ruffled through the boxes that are still unpacked and found some material to make herself a tutu. I always thought her dexterity leaves much to be desired, but good on her, I hear her dancing “thump, thump, thump” on the filing cabinet in front of the old, blind cosmetic mirror. She told me she wants to be the prettiest Dede on the day and maybe someone will take her home.

lous plan1

Even Lou, the young puppy has a plan in mind. His plan doesn’t involve the rest of the Dedes though, only the one he is obsessed with.

He is still chasing the object of his desire, Skeleton Edeltraut. He won’t give up, not in a million years I guess. No matter how much the others try to convince him that he doesn’t have a chance. Everybody understands Edeltraut’s fears. What would happen to the pile of bones if the young puppy gets his mittens on her? We don’t want to find out. So, Edeltraut continues to run for her life whenever she sees him.

lous plan-2

pig prof bottle

Pig and Professor don’t have a plan, they only have a solution. Thinking about it, it is not even a solution. They made themselves comfortable in the liquor cabinet and asked me to fetch them when something finally happens in the Dede world.

witch teff

Witch came up to me this morning with a plate of brown gunk. She is the one that is into healthy nutrition and the other puppets secretly make fun of her, as what she makes often doesn’t look or smell so good, or sound very palatable. Just to give you an example: for a while I had a pretty bad cough I couldn’t shift. She listened to it for weeks and weeks and finally she got fed up and made me eat a clove of raw garlic (garlic seems to be her panacea). It didn’t appeal to me at all, but she can be so persistent and I eventually swallowed it all. And would you believe it? The cough went away. But I digress.

So, this morning she presented me this plate of gooey stuff. “What’s that?” I asked suspciously, even though on closer scrutiny it looked like a sumptuous chocolate mousse. But I know Witch never cooks something as yummy as that.

“You say you don’t have any energy left. I really want to get you back to your old self. Otherwise we Dedes are doomed. So I made you this. This will fix you.”

“But what is it?’ I sniffed at it and it didn’t smell like garlic. I was relieved. I even thought I smelt a hint of brandy. But Witch is a teetotaller and she wouldn’t put any alcohol in it.

“Don’t be so suspicious, just try it…. It is a healthy chocolate pudding!”

“Now that is a contradiction in itself!” I said, though it made me curious. I took a deep breath and tried it. It tasted divine!

Witch watched me with great satisfaction. “Healthy food doesn’t have to be unpalatable. Do you believe me now?”

“To be honest this chocolate pudding doesn’t taste healthy at all” I said. “Something this delicious surely can’t be good for you. So tell me, what is it made of?”

“It’s made of teff flour”

“Teff?” I’ve never heard of it.

“It is an ethopian grain. Ever wondered why there are so many good ethopian long-distance runners? They eat bread made from teff. It is gluten free and has a very good balance of amino acids. A high content of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium…” Witch started to lecture while my eyes glazed over.

“Just give me the recipe” I begged. “I want to have more of this.”

“You know that I don’t have recipes. I just experiment with food, but the recipe went something like this.” Witch took a pen and paper and wrote down:

Put 1/2 cup of teff flour in a pot and add two cups of water. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 15 mins. Stir continuously. (It will have the consisency of custard). Let it cool. Combine half a cup of cocoa powder with sugar (3 tablespoons will do, but if you have a very sweet tooth you might want to have more. If you don’t like sugar use stevia instead) and mix into the teff custard. Put in the fridge for an hour or so.

“The cooling down is very important” Witch pointed out while she wrote down the recipe. If the teff is still too hot when you put the cocoa in, the result will be firmer, more like a christmas pudding. When the mixture is cooler it is more like a mousse.

“But didn’t I taste a hint of brandy?”

“Ah well” Witch winked at me “that was my little treat for you. You can put all sorts of flavourings in.”

“Work is for suckers” I heard Harvey calling as he zipped past L’Artiste. “I’m going to get a Lotto ticket!”

harvey lotto

“How is that going to help?” I asked when he came back from the shop.

“When I have the winning ticket, I am out of here!” he said.

“But you don’t even have to be here.” I reminded him that he was sold at the last exhibition and could have moved in with Mr XL. But no, Harvey wanted to stay with his Dede friends and Mr XL kindly let him have his wish.



Every time I have a moment I try to clear out a box or two. This morning I moved one to the side and nearly dropped it when I suddenly saw L’Artiste sitting there scribbling on a piece of paper. “What are you doing up so early and hiding behind a box?”

L’Artiste was equally surprised and quickly responded “Nothing!” He tried to look unsuspicious but he couldn’t hide the paper as he was sitting on it and I could see what he’d already written. It said “L’Artiste’s CV”, though the rest was blank.

lartiste CV

“What’s that all about?” I asked him.

“I have had enough of waiting around. I want a job” he admitted and added meekly  “and I am going to find it elsewhere since you don’t seem to be making any progress here.” He looked at me in anticipation of my response. I have to admit, I was taken aback. We are so close to getting cracking again. Why are the Dedes all of a sudden getting so impatient with me. I don’t have the energy to fight it and all I asked was what kind of job he is looking for.

“Don’t know. Anything really” he told me.

“What are your marketable skills then?”

“Don’t know… I am creative! I am pretty sure I’ll find something.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. Good on him for trying. It is definitely better than sitting around, but personally I was very disappointed that he didn’t have the stamina to wait just a tad longer.

“Best of luck” I said and continued clearing boxes. That left him speechless.

devil balustrade

When Devil saw Monkey sliding down the banister yesterday he of course wanted to have a go as well. You certainly can imagine how much noise these two guys made and I wasn’t impressed at all. I am trying to work here! They really have to keep the noise down a little. When I first asked them to tone it down, they looked at each other and quieted down. But it didn’t take long before they were back to their old noisy selves. Personally, I got the impression Devil didn’t even enjoy himself that much. He looked rather miserable and scared. He looked as if he only put on a brave face because Monkey loved it so much. So I thought I’d help him out and asked them to stop. But boy, was I mistaken! Devil stood up to me and said he and Monkey will continue until I set all the Dedes free. Here we go again: Devil is trying to hold me to ransom.

I don’t have the time to play his silly games, so I just grabbed him next time he came down to the bottom of the stairs and wrestled him back into the box. He forgot I am still stronger than him!

monkey move

We have made the move, phew. All our business stuff has been shuffled into the new studio space. And that is it. We have just added to the big mess we already had in the house anyway. I don’t even know where to start tidying up. But mess and all, the space feels fantastic. This morning Monkey came sliding down the balustrade from upstairs and settled on the sideboard next to my desk. “So” he said to me “The move is over. Where are all the others then?”

“You can’t be serious” I responded, slightly annoyed.  “Look around. I can’t have all the Dedes running wild in this mess.”

“I am so sick of all your promises” he said indignantly. “Can I remind you, that you have an obligation to look after us. We are your artworks!”

“I know, I know. I feel really bad about it. But things are just so much slower in real life. But of course you wouldn’t know, you are not real!”

“It is not just about us! It is now three months since you told your real friends they would be invited to a Dede recital afternoon. And it still hasn’t happend! This is simply unacceptable by any standard.”

“Do you think I am happy with the progress?”

“C’mon, be brave! Just set a date! You know when you set a date it will happen.”

He jumped down from the sideboard and grabbed the computer mouse to open the calendar. “How does Saturday the 26th sound?”

“I don’t know if the bathroom will be painted by then.”

“Get real. Do you think your friends care? It’s only paint! They’ll be here to see us!”

I knew I had to give in to get him off my back. Otherwise I wouldn’t get any work done today.