quiet copy

We had to leave the house for the weekend as the floors were being sanded and coated. So we went and visited family up north on the farm. A place without cell phone reception and internet – Bliss! Ah, Bliss is a puppet I don’t have yet… As soon as I get my studio space I will start on that one :)

Being away from the Dedes pushed me off cloud nine and I have found my grounding again. I see there are a few avenues opening. I’ve been invited to exhibit some of the Dedes in a gallery that is dedicated to recycled art on Waiheke, an island just off Auckland. I love Waiheke, but haven’t been there for ages, so this is a very good excuse to visit again. They are interested in running a workshop as well and asked if I could do it during the next holidays. While I could have done it, I decided to postpone it for a little, as I have booked myself into a puppeteering workshop with renown puppeteer Gary Friedman in Melbourne. I am sure I will learn heaps and might be able to apply a few things to what I am doing here. The workshop is from 19th to 21st July. As this is not too far off, I’ll try not to make any major decisions until I am back in Auckland. I know my head will be brimming with new ideas. A good deal of them will be impractical but who cares.