good buy

Yesterday the puppets had to say Good Bye to the gallery. It was a very emotional farewell. The staff at the gallery had well and truly fallen in love with the little critters, who brought a smile to visitor’s faces. I have to say, for me personally, the show was a success. I am totally overwhelmed by the great response I’ve got from everyone. The staff at the gallery were wonderful. I have nothing but praise for everyone.

From a selling point of view though, it wasn’t particularly successful. But then, I wasn’t so keen on letting them go in the first place. The Dedes were sitting on the fence as well and weren’t sure if they really should step away from their friends. In true Dede fashion there was a bit of a kerfuffle before everything was sorted. Actually, I am still not sure how many puppets I have sold.

It was obviously very difficult for people to choose which puppet to take. I had a little competition going where people could tell me which puppet they liked most. A lot of people said they couldn’t make up their minds, they loved them all. This of course is not very conducive to selling, is it? Someone was going to buy two puppets for his grandchildren. The first puppet he chose was Punch too, but when he came back he changed his mind.

Thankfully Punch too has a lot of me in him. He is a smiley one and looks a tad naive, but he  certainly doesn’t let the grass grow under his feet. He told me quietly that he had come to terms about having to leave the Dede home and was ready for new experiences. He’d rather like to live on a comfortable shelf overlooking a living room and get lovely clothes. Maybe something with a victorian lace collar or so.

I thought to myself: “dream on, not this time buddy!” But do you know what happened then? The genial Mrs A+ fell in love with him and took him home. I will have to tell you about the wonderful Mrs A+ in another post. Yes, she had a hard time making up her mind as she loves all the Dedes, but in the end Punch too‘s smile won her over.

I can tell you Punch too is over the moon. He got all he wanted, except for the lace collared robe, but who knows, there is always Christmas. And he promised the other Dedes to stay in touch. Isn’t that a happy ending?