mouse again

Last night, Mouse came running in shouting “I am the winner, I am the winner”. The others looked at her in surprise. They weren’t aware a competition was going on. “Whoohoo, what did you win?” Devil asked.

Mouse stopped and had to catch her breath. “My cup sold first. It was the first cup that sold!” The others looked at each other. It was obvious that some of them just can’t understand how a tiny grey thing like Mouse can always be the winner. She won the “Super Dede” competition before Christmas and obviously she won the heart of someone out there so they want to have her close.

“I don’t understand it” Devil said. “Admit it, I am the most beautiful of all!”

“Come on, you are grumpy. Who wants to look at a grumpy old bugger all day long” Alien replied. “It should have been me. I make people laugh.”

“I knew it wouldn’t be me” remarked Cash Cow, rather depressed. “Nobody will ever want me. I will be sitting on the shelf forever.”

“That is why I don’t take part,” said Pavlova. “You all think it is a beauty contest. You are so superficial. Our true value can only be unearthed when one engages with us over a longer period.”

“Leave it guys” I said. “It isn’t a competition and especially not a beauty contest. You never know what people are looking for!” I am so sick of them bickering over little things. It might have something to do with me being overworked and ready for a holiday.

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