monkey cup

Yesterday I had lunch with a good friend of mine who I hadn’t seen for a while. While she is a real Dede fan, she is not keen on reading online and doesn’t read the blog regularly. So I usually give her the run-down on what has happend in the Dede World since we last met. Of course she hadn’t heard about my latest scheme. When I told her about the coffee mugs she got quite excited and immediately thought of a friend she could give a Monkey cup to. The problem was, there was no Monkey cup planned as yet. In the afternoon I sat down and created a second series with just head shots of a few puppets. They are ones who I definitely know have fans out there in the big wide world.

I don’t really want to talk about the Zazzle store every day. Unfortunately that is what is on my mind at the moment as I need to get my head around it all. I promise next week I will move on to other stuff again.