tangoI went really wild yesterday and took lots of images. Now I have to sift through them all to find out which ones are our heros.

Though all the Dedes were watching, some of them are still not convinced it is the right idea. Pirate likes the idea, but is miffed, as he wanted to be my manager and suggested exactly the same thing in January. Back then I wasn’t keen on the idea at all. But now circumstances have changed and one has to adapt, right?

For the “Embrace Diversity” series I asked Harvey and Foxy Lady to pose together. Everybody knows hares and foxes usually avoid each other. Much to my surprise they immediately started to tango and what a lovely couple they were. Everybody clapped at their performance. Only Pavlova, who stood right next to me, wasn’t impressed. “I will call you a pimp from now on”, she said under her breath so only I could hear. “I can assure you, I certainly won’t take part in such silliness!”

It’s easy for you, I thought, you have a job in the lab.