cash cow on stage

It wasn’t a surprise that Mouse‘s performance appeared to be slick and polished, she is a wonderful organiser  and a perfectionist. She needs to have the feeling of being in control. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had sweated over every single word and studied every single gesture of her gig since the finalists were announced. Yet the talk of the Dedes was her admission that she grew up in a caravan park. Mouse is known to be a gossip. It is hard to believe  she could have kept a secret like this from us. Not even I had known that fact. So I had to ask her whether it was really true. Without batting an eyelash she told me she was born under caravan no 17. Nobody knew… except for Socialite. Turns out Socialite was born in caravan no 17. Socialite of course doesn’t want to be reminded of her social origins, but faced with a direct question, she shamefacedly corroborated Mouse‘s story. She said she remembers the screaming and fighting of the Mouse family under the caravan all too well. She was constantly warned by her mother she will be sent to the Mouses if she doesn’t behave! What a deterrent!

“So what?” Mouse asked “it is out now! Does this make us lesser puppets?”

She asked this just as the next candidate, Cash Cow, squeezed past us on her way to the stage. We had to do a double take. The old girl had dressed up for the occasion and was wearing a huge pink flower on her chest. We all know Cash Cow is only rich in name, but she is a giver by nature. She would give the last shirt off her back, even though she would never admit it was her last one. We all looked to the stage in anticipation of  her speech.

“Yes, dears, my name is Cash Cow” she started and did an old fashioned, slightly awkward, curtsey.

“I want to say to my predecessor on this stage: It is not important where you come from – but what you make of it! And you, my dear Mouse, do a very fine job.” She bowed slightly towards the the backstage area where Mouse was standing.

“You might have heard, I live in a garage at the moment. That is all I can afford…. I don’t have to pay rent, but I still have to buy food and food is so expensive. But I’ll tell you, dears, it wasn’t always like this.” Her droopy eyes lit up.

“I was born to the manor, a very large estate just outside town. Oh, there were meadows as far as you could see and trees and lakes and bees and birds. It was just wonderful. Of course it wasn’t mine, but I felt rich. I had everything I could wish for. I had five beautiful little calves. Every year I had one and I gave them my everything. I wanted them to grow up feeling just as rich as I did. Unfortunately the farmer passed away and his heirs sold the land to a developer.

“I was so lucky… who wants to kill a Cash Cow? So I was moved on. Nobody noticed my udder was dry. But now that I live in the garage, my little ones… they are all grown up by now… never visit. Ah well, they have to find their own place in the world. Who knows where they are now, for all I know they could have gone to Australia. Maybe one day they will remember me…. If you see any of my kids, tell them I will be in my garage!

“Yes, dears, I don’t have money, but I am still rich! I have a roof over my head and I have you guys, my friends! And if someone wants to drop in on me, I will always have a glass of milk and a cookie for you. And if you could bring some time, that would be just wonderful… I can tell you some stories…

“Thank you.” She curtseyed again and shuffled off the stage.

“Boo” shouted Monkey “Boo. I could have done better!”

“Amateur” commented Smug Little Devil “What a fuddy-duddy. What’s with all those sob stories?”

“Ah shut up you guys” hissed Mouse “you are so not funny! Can’t you give some constructive criticism?”

What do you think about Cash Cow‘s performance?