Yesterday was a Public Holiday. It is an unwritten law in New Zealand that Labour Day has to be spent in the garden to get your patch ready for summer – if it doesn’t rain. It rained again. I ignored the drizzle and did my little bit and tidied up around the driveway. So did Nosy Neighbour and of course he spotted me. He came across the street to have a chat. His chats consist mainly of telling me who had done something naughty in the street. So what did he complain about this time? My guests on Sunday night! Believe it or not, he didn’t like their singing in the wee hours. I on the other hand love their finish to a party. Push Push gets her ukulele out and everybody joins in.  Admittedly  it might sound better after a glass or two of wine, but it is not really necessary to call for the noise control officer.

“I would have called the police, if we had an officer!” Nosy Neighbour lamented.  I am not entering into an argument here. I thought, next time he can call the police. They will just laugh at him. They really have bigger issues to attend to than a little singalong in an otherwise quiet street… But a law enforcement officer would come in handy from time to time.

I went straight back into the house and started recruiting. And here he is, the newest member of the Dede Society: Bobby. He is still in finishing school, but as soon as he is out he has a job. The Dede beat is his.