The party was a bit of a fizzer in terms of attendance. I feel sorry for Mouse and Push Push. After all the preparations only a few puppets showed their faces. Later Professor told me he had received an email letting everybody know the party was cancelled due to rain. The email looked authentic. He decided to drop by anyway as I certainly would have stocked up on wine and it would be a pity to waste it.

I have my suspicions who sent the email, but I will keep them to myself. He wouldn’t stoop that low would he? He wouldn’t try to ruin Mouse’s efforts. He hurt her more than he hurt me, as she has done all the hard work. I only paid for the wine and the food. If I ever find out that it was him…

In the end there were only a handful of us. We still had a great time. We always do. Nobody raised my issue with Devil. They all have their own problems. Why should they be interested in our little tiff? They all wanted to forget their sorrows and to party, not to burden themselves with yet another problem.

Usually I am not much of a party animal. I prefer one-on-one conversations with my friends.  I usually don’t  remember much detail about the party, what I have talked about (certainly nothing deep and meaningful) and who was there… All I can remember is the general feeling whether I enjoyed myself or not. And I certainly did enjoy myself last night.

Looking at my illustrious friends I had around last night… I am sure I can call myself open-minded.

I took a couple of photographs as proof we had a good time. The one I have chosen for today’s post shows Professor and his mate Pig in the foreground on the left. Pig is just happy he had enough booze and Professor is on the brink of slipping into the melancholic phase.  In the back Sunny the aspiring artist is talking to L’Artiste Dede  the accomplished artist. L’Artiste Dede  is not particularly interested in what Sunny has to say. If you know Sunny, you know his story as well. He is a good guy but very repetitive. He just can’t get his break. As L’Artiste has advised him many times, less talk and more doing wouldn’t go amiss. Skeleton (to the right of L’Artiste Dede) feels she is missing out on something and I have my suspicions she is hard of hearing, but she just wouldn’t make an appointment with the hearing doctor. And the one on the far-right is Ducky. He is a politician and stands for election in the Dede Society. He has tried a few times unsuccessfully, but he doesn’t give up hope and in the meantime he just makes everything his business. He has an opinion about everyone and everything.

I just noticed, this is so typical, all the boys were hanging out together and most of the girls (Witch, Mouse and Push Push) were in the kitchen. How stereotypical is that?