It is my two hundredth post today. Time to reflect on what I am doing here :).

In my self-experiment, I have come to the conclusion that, yes, the blog sphere is a parallel world. It magnifies what happens in the real world. One can potentially connect with everybody, but connections are still based on chance encounters. Not unlike going to a bar and starting a conversation with the person standing right next to you. You can have a brief chat, a lovely all-evening conversation and that is it – or if you like the person very much you can even meet again and become friends. But like in real life a solid connection takes time and effort.

I am a bit of a fossil. I love to have long and meaningful conversations and I treasure the luxury of time to process the given information. In the parallel world I am struggling with this valuable commodity of time. I  read heaps of  interesting snippets, but often I have the feeling I can’t process them correctly.

It is a cycle of  taking in, taking in, taking in…. alert, alert, information overload… Crash! Reboot… Maybe I need a new operating system!