Silent week is over. I thoroughly enjoyed choosing  the black and white images for my blog and I might continue with it for a while.  The image today was taken on Coromandel peninsula. You might have noticed that many of my images show deserted places and low clouds. It is not a feature I am searching for, it is just sooo New Zealand. In Maori the land is called Aotearoa, which means “land of the long white cloud”.  When there is a thick layer of fluffy sheep clouds I often have the feeling of being under a lid in a huge toy world.

In real life, the production of puppets has slowed right down as life has taken over, but I am slowly getting back into the right mind-set. My next two projects are a puppeteering workshop with the Older Women Network in Auckland early next month, and I am also working on an exhibition of puppets. The exhibition is firmed up in my head and I now have to find a venue.