Introducing Ms SM today. She is the fourth one of the installation puppets. I don’t know her real name. It might be Sue or Sophie Miller or even Steven, who knows. I don’t know what she looks like without her mask, but I hear she is an accountant in a big corporation and pretty dull to talk to. She just hides her real self from her colleagues by fading into the background during the day. A precaution that makes her own life more bearable. “Normal” people wouldn’t understand. Being her is difficult enough, even without all the ridicule and bullying. It can’t be easy to live two lives. Of course her web friends understand… she feels safer there than in “reality”.

Originally this puppet was supposed to be  Witch Version 2. Only when she was completed did she reveal her real identity. She was virtually begging me to be allowed to become Ms SM.

To link it back to yesterday’s post: Is she living a lie?