I have squared up the launch venue, but have not confirmed the date yet. I still have to get a commitment from the printers when the books will be ready.

Of course it is extremely difficult to judge how many people will attend, but I hope for a number between 50 and 100 people. – Am I too hopeful here? Going by these numbers the library was too small. I am now having it at Northart. This is a community gallery here on the North Shore in Auckland. I had the choice of using an empty gallery space or using the space when another exhibition is on. I opted for the latter. My reasoning was, that when the people make the trip to the gallery they might as well kill two birds with one stone.

When I first started thinking about the launch, I thought, a puppet show would be sufficient. But after talking to the curator, I decided to go the full monty and also provide wine. This is of course an additional cost, but you launch a book only once and I certainly want it to be a memorable evening.

I am terribly excited about organising it all. It looks as it is happening in the Easter holidays, which would be quite good re setting the show up.