On to the launch.

I wanted to deal with it yesterday, but I do have a day job too and I had to attend to the small detail of earning money.

The launch is still about six weeks away. I haven’t set the final date, as I have to find a venue first. Then I have to confer with my support crowd (consisting of precisely two people) when it best fits into their time-table. This morning I trotted up to the library. As I mentioned before, there are two types of spaces I deem appropriate for the launch: either the library or an art gallery.

The library can only accommodate 50 people max. At this stage I am hoping for a number between 50 and 100 people to attend, so that rules out the library. I sent off an email to a local gallery and on second thought, I even believe a gallery would be the better option anyway.

I came up with a little show for “two hands and one voice”. After all, the Dedes are puppets and they want to be used. The piece is for Mouse and Pirate and the voice, I guess, will have to be me. If I get round to it on the weekend, I will film it with my D60. I knew, there was a reason for me spending all that money on an SLR with a movie function, but actually doing it is yet another first for me. Maybe I change the script and make it a silent movie.

If I don’t manage to film the little puppet show this weekend, my next cast member will have to be Procrastinator.