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We had a really tough weekend at the Dede household with lots of crying and desperation. Devil was frustrated. His “Freeday” didn’t turn out as he expected. One of the Instagram readers suspected that it is just another devilish ruse and who knows how much you really have pay for it in the end. The reader made a good point. Devil has no idea how other people perceive him. Of course, he thinks he is the nicest Dede on the planet. We won’t burst his bubble, but it does explain why his generous offer wasn’t taken up in droves. He has kindly extended the offer until the 5th of June 2016. And no, it isn’t a devilish ruse. The book really is free (go to and enter the code VV39S before you check out to get your free copy).


One of our followers,  Jessie Martinovic in Australia, downloaded the book and sent us a wonderful message (see comment in the previous post). Thank you so much Jessie for this amazing feedback, it made my day. Unfortunately it was too late to lift Devil’s spirits.  You know how it is, once you are in this downward spiral, you go down, down, down until you hit the ground. So Mouse and Devil, who are usually an excellent team, sat down together and cried their little hearts out. Each of them tried to outdo the other as to who is the poorer puppet. In the end Mouse pointed out that it is dire for them all as I have set up another instagram account called beyond_the_dedes. I won’t tell you what Devil called me on instagram, but I can assure you, he wasn’t the nicest puppet on the planet then :)) I knew very well they won’t like it. They really want to have my full attention. But I can’t help it, I do other stuff as well! At least now we have proper separation.


Yesterday, the benevolent King had enough of their antics. He looked at the sorry pair and remarked that it doesn’t help anyone when they drown themselves in a sea of snot-drenched hankies. That made them think and when Chambermaid came along this morning to clean up their mess, they listened to her suggestion.


Once she had picked up all the hankies, Chambermaid dragged a big piece of fabric into the room and suggested they should make a theatre curtain from the material and run another Super Dede Competition. The 2016 version. Devil wasn’t entirely convinced. He knows how much work it is and they would also need support from the readers to make it work. But don’t forget, a minute earlier he was still very depressed, and just putting the idea to the readers is something of a victory for Chambermaid. She of course dreams of becoming a contestant and that could mean “good bye snotty hankies for ever!”

Mouse doesn’t have an opinion. As usual, she just wants to be busy. Faster than you can say boo she got her clipboard out to make notes about how the whole thing could work across two platforms: Instagram and the blog.

So what do you think?


harvey lotto
The Dedes are getting on with their lives as usual. They all have their own ways of dealing with the current situation Harvey for example is dreaming of the big lottery win and Pig and Professor are out on the turps.

pig prof brain in bottle

On Sunday they woke up and wondered what the white residue in the bottle might be. They looked, turned the bottle, looked again.  Both agreed it looked suspiciously like a pickled brain, but neither of them wanted to admit that maybe the alcohol was taking it’s toll.  Gee were they reliefed when Top Dog came in and asked what they were doing with his bottle. Everybody knows that Top Dog has drowned his grey matter in the substance a long time ago.

top dog claiming brain

Meanwhile L’Artiste is preparing for an exhibition he is taking part in. Unfortunately Sunny, the wannabe artist, has broken L’Artiste’s jigsaw just when he needed it the most. Sunny didn’t apologise, he just grinned like an idiot – I assume because he felt really guilty – and quickly scuffled off

sunny broken jigsaw

As Sunny doesen’t have the money to replace the jigsaw blade L’Artiste said he has to help him with his preparations for the exhibtions – to pay for it. Though the master is not very pleasant at the moment. When it comes to putting the finishing touches to the work he is always unsure about everything. He wants to discuss the finer detail with Sunny. But the assistant with  his overly happy disposition believes everything will be just fine. He simply can’t understand why L’Artiste painfully deliberates over every little detail. “Who cares!” he says.  “It is not your heart, that will be nailed to the wall”, says L’Artiste disappointedly and continues deliberating.

This might explain why L’Artiste is the more successful artist and Sunny still a wannabe, eh.

lartiste critique

Just in case you are interested, here are the four works L’Artiste is putting into the exhibition.

down the road

Down the road from the fairytale gardens (2011)

Black and white photograph on 220gsm lustre paper, mounted and framed | Framed size 600mm by 440mm | Edition of 3 prints.

A walk down memory lane, this image is a homage to those who, for whatever reason, failed  to prosper in a seemingly nourishing environment. The dead tree is uncomfortably juxtaposed with the peaceful glade and the channel of light that symbolises hope. The image was taken in a nature park in my hometown in Germany.



Enigma (2014)

Composite photographic print mounted floating on layers of black paper. | Framed size 330mm x 330mm | Edition of 3 prints

A very personal description of a typical German baby boomer conundrum: the riddle of our parents’ generation’s inability to trust and communicate. It interweaves my mother’s Red Cross Helper’s badge with a well-used page of her cookbook. The swastika emblem on the rim of the badge painfully alludes to an undisclosed past negating the caring symbolism of the image. The red cross is placed on it’s side to look like an x in an official stamp, which loudly declares the key message of my parent’s generation: “Don’t ask!”

from a distance

From a distance (2016)

Mixed Media. | Dimensions 390mm x 390mm

Impossible and inconclusive ponderings on the refugee crisis in Europe from a distance. The white raft is approaching the rigid mainland and breaking its boundaries.

With this work I returned to my favorite symbol of ambiguity – the saltire (x). Depending on the viewpoint, it can mean “x marks the spot” like on a treasure map or it might mean “no entry”

absolutely for and totally againstt

Absolutely for or totally against it (2016)

Acrylic paint on wood | Size 295mm by 163mm

The work is a reminder of the possible and peaceful coexistence of conflicting opinions about the same issue. Concurrently, the thin separating line and parallel tracks stipulate the impossibility of converging these differing notions, even in the future.


punch drunk

Happy Easter everyone. I love Easter: four days of peace and quiet, the weather is still warm, the homely sound of the lawn mowers in the neighbourhood. It is not unlike the Northern Hemisphere, unfortunately we are now heading into the colder period.

Anyway, I have to give you a run-down what happened in the Dede world since my last post. So Evan G List said to Milky Bar Devil he should read up on morals, values and beliefs to understand what a devil is. Punch Drunk (picture above) thought it was hilarious that Evan G List wanted to teach a devil morals. But Milky Bar Devil is an eager and conscientious student and he grabbed all the books he could find on the bookshelf. We are pretty sure we won’t see him for a while, we all know how difficult it is to read a philosophical text :)

Here a little gallery of what else happened


Do you know the feeling when you have so many things you want to do, but you don’t know where to start or what to do first, so you run around doing a little bit here and a little bit there, but you don’t finish anything? This is my life! I am not getting anywhere in a hurry but the sand is steadily running through the hourglass.

At least I am keeping up with my Instagram images. The month of love (February) is finally over and we are now into March. Life in the Dede world goes on. Here again is a quick summary about what has happened lately. Top Dog, the narcissist, is back on the scene and currently wooing the lil’Dede Walrus. Though Walrus dresses carefully she is not a particularly good looking lil’Dede, so she is an easy target for Top Dog‘s silver-tongued words. Of course she fell for it. Nitpicker tried to warn the little walrus not to get too close but being a nitpicker she didn’t believe him. It looks like he was unsuccessful in preventing the lovelorn walrus from making a big mistake. Today she happily announced she is convinced she has found her soul mate.

Lou waiting

The Dedes are currently discussing love. I am sure, we all agree, love is the most wonderful thing that can happen to someone. However, when there is an imbalance in affection it can also become scary. Lou, the young puppy, is infatuated with Skeleton Edeltraut. Who can blame him? Any young puppy will fall in love with a pile of bones. Whenever she shows up, he gets all excited, jumps up and down, tries to lick her and basically follows her around sniffing and worshipping the ground she walks on. Skeleton Edeltraut is outright scared, but no-one offers support. Everyone believes she should be able to cope with it. After all, she is in the scaring business herself. When she comes out of her closet, a lot of people are very frightened. It doesn’t help that she is generally a bit distant and cold and not as cute as Lou. No one takes her cry for help seriously. They put Lou’s behaviour down to his nature and advise her to harden up. Mhm. That is such a classic dede conundrum. How can this be resolved?

This week is Ask Us Anything (AUA) week.

Jessie Martinovic asked what the strangest request was so far for the Dedes. I didn’t have to think hard, but I have to go back a long way. It was definitely when Arindam asked the Dedes to do a dharna, indian style. So what happened then?

I had discovered the blog of German artist Jürgen Küster who writes together with his alter ego art figure Buchalov. Unlike the Dedes, Buchalov is very supportive of his artist and acts like a mentor. The two have deep and meaningful conversations. I aired the wish I would love to have similar conversations with the Dedes, but they are not intellectual at all. Of course this blog post offended the Dedes big time. (There are four consecutive posts to the story). Bad Conscience got involved and it got a bit messy.

The next day, our reader Arindam said I should apologise to the Dedes and if not, they should do a Dharna. Neither I nor the Dedes knew then what this was, but the Dedes looked it up on the internet and figured out a Dharna is a way to show the world that somebody had treated them in an unjust way. It involved sitting on the offender’s doorsteps until they get justice or die.

Thankfully, it didn’t come to the latter. Witch and I negotiated the end of the dharna, as it started to drizzle (The Dedes can’t stand rain). I certainly didn’t want my behaviour to cause the demise of the Dedes.

Thanks Jessie for your question. It was fun reading the story again :)


devil peanut

I was right! Devil didn’t last very long on his new diet. Yesterday afternoon I heard something rustling in the corner of the living room. When I investigated I found Devil sitting there facing the wall trying to open a little packet. I asked him what he was doing and he looked at me very guiltily. Then I saw he was trying to open a chocolate bar. He said he deserved it because their Dede Instagram following has reached triple figures. I have no idea what this has to do with him. I guess he was just looking for an excuse.

The Dedes are indeed very proud of their achievement and to celebrate the event they have made a 4 second film. The film is only available on instagram

devil elephant diet

Yesterday  Push Push decided her and Devil should go on a diet. It’s so much more fun together and they might have a better chance sticking to it when they support each other. She even volunteered to prepare all the food for both of them. The only thing Devil can cook is chilli-hot beans in flat bread. (The recipe for the flat bread is in the Artist’s Survival Cookbook, the beans he still keeps a secret!). Anyway, Push Push knows that Devil favours red food. So she prepared a nice salad, which is typical for her as she is vegetarian. Devil sniffed at the offering and asked “where is the meat?” Of course the redder the better. Hmmm, Push Push’s plan might be doomed.

body return

Mole can’t cope with being wanted by all the Dedes for stealing their bodies. Of course there is a very simple explanation, but it is a slightly longer story. Please care to listen to his side of the incident.

Let me recap the story: the Dedes had a day off and, messy as they are, left their bodies scattered around the studio. Lil’Dede Mole happened to pass by and virtually tripped over the abandoned property. He honestly thought he hit the jack pot when he saw these robes with extra large hands. They are just perfect for his work, you know, he has to dig in the dirt all day. He was just putting his found treasures neatly in a pile when Foxy Lady appeared out of nowehere and started to talk to him Mole got such a big fright, that he took off with the floatsam as fast as he could. After all, foxes are his natural enemies. They eat moles when they spot them. Can anybody blame him for his behaviour?

When Mole discovered the “Wanted” poster, he finally figured out the clothes weren’t without owners and asked Bad Conscience to take them back. Mole is dyslexic too, so to show his deep regret he added his heart to the parcel.

What do you think of Mole now?


When Foxy Lady got out of the suitcase at dawn, Mole, one of the Lil”Dedes was just packing up all the robes the Dedes had thrown on the floor.   “Ah, great” Foxy Lady said “will you take them to the dry clearners?”  Mole got a big fright, grabbed what he could and ran while muttering “I will take you to the cleaners, but not the dry ones.”