So, that was it… the big night… the launch of the Hermit’s Web book. To be honest, I was totally overwhelmed. It was such a wonderful crowd. In the picture above  (taken by Sonya Roussina) they are engaged in watching the dede puppet show. I still haven’t processed all my thoughts about the event. It was just very very exciting.  A big big Thank You to all those who came along. We were close to a hundred people of all ages and the vibes were just fantastic.

And of course a specially big Thank You goes out to all the people who helped me on the night. You were all just brilliant and made my life so easy (:

Sonya took a lot of pictures and I will put a good selection up next week on a seperate page. I just love to see all the smiling faces in the photographs.

While I was doing the puppet show, I didn’t see much, but I clearly felt the excitement of the spectators and I am looking forward to seeing all the other photos.