Unexpectedly and virtually overnight the Dedes got a new motto: “Fake it and you make it!” Despite all our best efforts, Top Dog came out trump.

“Does this mean you would go as far as rigging an election?” asked the stunned artist. (All the Dedes are speechless and curled up in the corner).

“No, no that would be so third world country and too easy to uncover. No, I am much more cunning than that. I rigged the polls before the elections. That is a little trick I learned from my Brexit friends!”

“How is this suppose to work?”
“The media loves me and I could create a very close race. I made sure I was level-heading, but never take the lead. Fall back and catch up again. Just enough for the other party to feel confident. But only so little that it was clear to every last marginal supporter of my camp that their vote counts, that they are needed. Everybody wants to be needed. That, my dear artist, is how you mobilise the masses.”

Top Dog was exhausted but delighted. He had achieved what he so desperately wanted. For an unguarded brief moment he let his hair down and the followers got a glimpse of what he really looks like without his wig.



“Good night for now and sleep well, my friends in Dedeland!”