The motto of the Dedes is “Embrace Diversity” and when Foxy Lady suggested yesterday they should have a project to show the world what they are about they were all for it. In this project the Dedes will find an unlikely partner and take a photograph as a couple. Then the background story is given. Of course Pig and Professor, our oldest and best known couple jumped at the chance and wanted to be part of it.

pig and prof

This is a match made in heaven. Most people know in the meantime that pigs are in fact very intelligent and they were simply ostracised by humans. Our poor Dede Pig got a double whammy as the farmer who owned the mother sow feed her beer to make farrowing easier. So he suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome and as a result he is very partial to the stuff (Fact: he has Elvis Presley’s eyes and sorry, they were blurry from the day he was born). Professor loves Pig unconditionally, as he not only shares his love for a good wine and art, but Pig is also very quiet while Professor loves to talk. There are more ways they complement each other excellently and the picture today is a thowback to the first Super Dede Competition in which Pig was a contestant. As he is very timid, Professor helped him to turn his weakness into strength. Unfortunately, there is not enough space here to recount the entire story, but Pig ended up in hospital having had a near heart attack (pigs are prone to that).