Lapdog grabbed the robe of Foxy Lady. “Stay!” she begged her. “All he wants is a referendum. It is the most grassroot democratic process there is, isn’t it?” Foxy Lady stopped for a brief moment “I beg to differ,” she replied and tried to wiggle herself free. “It offers no solution whatsoever, as it is just a simple yes/no answer. It usually attracts all the disgruntled nay-sayers to the ballot boxes.” Lapdog let her go but muttered disappointedly “Walking away isn’t a solution either.”

Of course I will vote, should Top Dog get his wish,” promised the fox and was out the door.


She hadn’t gone far before she bumped into Mouse. It was very obvious that the little thing wasn’t her usual self.

“I am really scared” she confided in Foxy Lady. “I always took freedom for granted. But Top Dog…” Foxy Lady didn’t even let her finish her sentence, seeing her friend distressed and intimidated was the final straw for her. “Right!” she said quite resolutely now, “we have to show everyone what we Dedes stand for! Top Dog is definitely the odd puppet out!”

Watch this space!