This week is skills week and the name of the contestants are pulled randomly out of the hat. As fate had it, it was poor Chambermaid whose name came up first. She complained to Mouse. “That is so unfair. I was on on Friday, had to work all week because of the party and now I am on again.” Mouse isn’t particularly flexible when it comes to schedules and suggested Chambermaid should simply show some creative ways of cleaning. Chambermaid threw her arms in the air and said “there is no such thing! Give me at least until lunch time.”

She really only had two hours, so she went off to rummage through her belongings hoping to come up with a brilliant idea. Finally she found this little man she had felted earlier. She wanted him as little helper but he never worked out. At least it showed she had some creativity in her. So she took him on stage and showed him to the audience.


“I made this little man to help me with my chores” she explained to Devil. “But it never worked out. He simply can’t see the dirt!” Devil looked at the poor creature for a little while and commented, “how can he? You have forgotten the eyes.”

At this point I want to let you know that next week is question week. If you have any questions for the contestants please write a comment!