Today was Chambermaid’s turn. She entered the competition with the most votes and Devil was confident this would be a good day. Chambermaid had repeatedly assured him she wanted to make the talent show work for her as she is sick of tidying up after others. She is actually not that stupid, I think she even has a degree in something.

Chambermaid always looks pretty and she had even put some nice jewellery on to make her extra beautiful. “You look very nice” said Devil to get started. “Phew,” said Chambermaid. “I so want to be in this competition but today is not a good day for me.” Then she told the audience that the Dedes are having a party tonight and of course they want the house spick and span. Who has to tidy up? Chambermaid of course! She had to start early this morning, then had to rush to spruce herself up and run on stage. When she is done here, she will grab a bite to eat and continue with the cleaning. “You know”, she said, “I would love to explore my creativity, but when you work for two dollars fifty an hour, you have to work long hours to get the food on the table. There is not much time left be creative. I am buggered at the end of the day.”

Then she excused herself so she could continue with her duties.