This is a sneak preview of the base plate for my reflections on Europe (the photo was taken with a macro lens to show the detail).  Once again, it is acrylic on MDF board. But this time the texture is not entirely built up by paint. I tried an alternative technique using a modelling compound from the art shop. I guess it is some sort of polymer. To achieve the right texture I added wood shavings to the paste. Once it dried I painted layers of colour. Surprisingly, this time it didn’t take too long before I was satisfied with the result. The red in the valleys and the virgin white on the mountains are perfect. The rest of the plate is a blueish black. At this stage the work will have to sit for a while because I haven’t decided which way is up. I am also worried I will stuff it up when I hammer in the nails. This can absolutely ruin it. Therefore it will have to rest until I feel confident enough to continue. In the meantime, I will coat it with a clear gloss coat, so that Europe becomes nice and shiny!