socialite bun

Right, it must have been a crazy New Year’s day brunch. Socialite didn’t come home till midnight, but she came home alone. When she finally got up at lunch time the next day she was so happy to find her dough still sitting in the fridge, as the bread bin was empty again. You have to be fast around here when you get up late. The others might beat you to the food. She looked at the dough, it had risen a bit, even in the cold of the fridge. It had lifted the lid of the bowl it was in, but as it was oiled it was still elastic.

“What better way to start the day than with a cup of coffee and fresh buns with butter and jam?” Socialite grabbed the piece of dough and looked at it. “If I only knew what to do next!”

Witch happened to be in the kitchen cleaning up after the others who had a long breakfast today. “Oh, WitchSocialite whispered in her sweatest voice, ”please, make me some buns. I don’t know how to do it.”

“C’mon, you’re nearly there.” Witch wasn’t going to do it for her, but she talked Socialite through. “You have half the dough left from yesterday. That is enough for four buns. Heat the oven to 200 0C. Knead the dough briefly, make four balls, put them on a tray dusted with flour. In 15 minutes the oven should be hot, brush the buns with water, cut a cross in the surface and put them in the oven for 20 minutes. Done!” Then she left the kitchen.

That was all too much for Socialite, but as she was really hungry she gave it a go. She put the oven on 200 0C, kneaded the dough halfheartedly, formed four buns and placed them on the tray. While she was waiting for the oven to heat up she made her coffee. Once the oven was heated, she cut a cross in the surface of the buns and then realised she had forgotten to brush water on beforehand, she didn’t even know where the brush was kept. Witch wasn’t there to ask for advice. To start afresh was out of the question. “Ah well” Socialite sighed, shrugged her shoulders and held each of the buns under the running tap for a brief moment. Then she put them back on the tray and into the oven.

Twenty minutes later she had the most delicious buns. “Oh that worked out well,” she said to herself. “From now on, I will always keep some dough to make buns the next morning. Or maybe I double the recipe to start with” She couldn’t wait for them to cool down and devoured them there and then, even though her mother had always warned her not to eat warm bakery products that contained yeast. It is suppose to give you a tummy ache. Socialite had no problems, but then she might have one very sturdy stomach. Who knows.