little manager

Recently I was asked if I could teach fiber art in the foundation studies at school. I am really excited about the prospect. And I am not the only one. You should have heard the puppets cheering when I  brought home the sewing machine from school one day to refresh my skills. Little Devil decided on the spot that he will be the stylist and ordered a black tie straight away. So he is the new self-appointed manager and he will take charge of all the fashion concerns of the Lil’ Dedes as he is thoroughly convinced, if I’d only made proper dresses for them, they would easily find admirers and could be sold to good homes. Last week he invited my friend Cath for an urgent breakfast meeting and talked her into sharing her table at the Birkenhead market two days before Christmas. Good on him for being so proactive!

But then he wrote out a long wish list of new Lil’Dede characters and dresses I have to make before then. And this is always the crunch point. The Dedes, little or big, are not lacking ideas, it is just that I am always landed with all the work. Though this time I obliged and started making the dresses right away. After all, I have to refresh my skills. It was all in a bit of a rush. The first dress on the list was for  Lil’Walrus. Obviously Little Devil thought this particular chap was in desperate need of sushing up. Just between you and me, that one’s an ugly character. I am not even sure whether it is a walrus or a mole. But Little Devil might have overdone it a bit. He had designed a green robe with a lace collar. Ah, you should have seen the big tears when Lil Walrus came out of the changing room. Little Devil on the other hand was very happy with his choice. I suspect they won’t be the only tears between now and Christmas.