baby elephant

I discovered a new stress-relief activity, or I should say, my friend Cath introduced me to it. She showed me the process of dry felting on Monday. Basically, you stab a pile of raw wool with a special needle. In this process the strands of wool get tangled and compress and you can shape the wool into anything you like by just continuously stabbing and adding more wool. You have to watch your fingers though, the needle is pretty sharp. So no watching TV while doing it. But it does release tension :).

This little elephant is my second sculpture. The first one turned out to be a foal-dog-kid sort of animal. Don’t ask me why my mind was set on creating a “White Elephant”, but I think he turned out well. A vistior to my studio this morning immediately had to hug the little thing. She spotted it straight away, despite my usual mess and the elepnant only being 7cm high.