A day at the bank

Hurrah, the Dedes are happy again. Yesterday we had some people around for another workshop. The highlight was the visit by their old mate Punch too. (He was one of the puppets who found a new home at the exhibition.) Unlike the first workshop, we had no idea where the story would take us this time. In the previous workshop we had a theme: we knew from the outset, that one of the Dedes will recite a Dada poem, and we had a long discussion about the sense and nonsense of Dada poems. Yesterday we started with an blank canvas (except for the few puppets who had held their hands up to take part. They were eagerly waiting on stage to get started). Of course when Punch too entered the room, he jumped straight onto the stage and wanted to play with his old mates. He has a different dress and you will know who he is, when you watch the video. The final piece ended up to be more Dada than the previous one….

I absolutely loved the process. As usual, when you don’t have anything to go by, it was a sluggish start. To kick-start I asked everyone to say one word that popped into their mind without thinking. But of course Rob D Light with his hankerchief across his face  was hanging out on stage waiting for the filming to start and it wasn’t a surprise that we very quickly agreed to set the scene in a bank. From there on there was no holding back. In the end we were laughing so much I even forgot to take images or I wasn’t looking carefully and had all sort of human body parts in the pictures. I couldn’t use a good chunk of the footage. This will teach me a lesson.

I am not directing during workshops at all, and the storyline is entirely driven by the participants. I am just an observer and what I see flows into post-production. The session yesterday was three hours and with easing in and post mortem, there is not enough time to finish everything. So I completed the film this morning.

Thanks to everbody who helped making this flash drama and I hope the final product finds your approval.
Enjoy our master piece, we certainly enjoyed making it!