cash cow corriander

Cash Cow is good mates with Witch and I see them hanging out in the kitchen together a lot. Cash Cow loves watching Witch trying out new recipes and of course she doesn’t mind doing the quality control when a batch is finished. Yesterday I overheard Cash Cow saying, “You really should have your own cooking show on the blog”. If Witch was listening, she wasn’t interested. “We could do something together,” Cash Cow carried on. “I could do gardening tips on the blog and you could do some recipes. Let’s talk to her. Maybe she could give us a day each week, where we can show off our skills!” Witch continued concentrating on her work. She is not one for the lime light. Cash Cow chose to ignore that Witch obviously wasn’t interested in her proposal and went on and on about how successful cooking shows seem to be and she would like to have a piece of that cake. Together they would be such a good team and Witch would be such a draw card with all her knowlege about herbal potions.

Finally Witch turned around and said, “Gardening tips, eh! No way,… you only have to look at the poor corriander, it  looks just as sad as you, love.”  Then she quietly continued her work. Even though she was sort of right, I thought it was uncalled for when I saw good old Cash Cow fighting back her tears.