When I went to Waiheke last week to look at the space for the upcoming exhibition, I had a new idea. It is more a display than an exhibition. The space is very limited. Don’t get me wrong, the Dedes don’t care. They want to be seen, but I have to select which ones I will show and how many. I don’t think I can have more than eight or ten. However, while I was there, I thought, small space, smaller Dedes! And immediately I envisaged finger puppets with a simple cloth body where the fingertip of the thumb and the middelfinger can be the hands of the puppet. Of course I wanted to see if it works and spent the weekend making these Lil’Dedes. They are not as elaborate as the real Dedes, but they are still cute.

I won’t give them names and they won’t appear on the blog much, though of course they would lend themselves to a film called “Paleface and the Seven Lil’dedes”, a rendition of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Now I am getting carried away…

Anyway, this is Lil’Mouse, the first of the finger puppets and she is a very special one. I will give her to my friend who made the black robes for the Dedes. Lil’Mouse is basically a bribe, so my friend will make the dresses for the Lil’Dedes as well. Hope it works :)