studio space

Today is Friday and all the Dedes are excited. They are going home tonight! Currently they are all sitting in the office, waiting – suitcases in hand – for the bus to arrive and take them to their new studio space. We haven’t painted it yet, but you can see we are nearly there. Phew! I am a bit worried about showing the Dedes the space without furniture. They might assume it is all a Dede puppet playground. The truth is, they only get one corner and the rest will be taken up by computer gear and desks.

They are also very excited about the Dada project. Tony from xraypics has offered to send us a Dada poem of his and one of the puppets will perform it for me to record on film. On the German blog Miss Viwi has come forward with a Dada poem she wrote last year. If I have some time on the weekend I might tinker with setting up a stage so that they are ready to roll and can start rehearsing. Then they will be out of my way when I am painting :)