lartiste and lil

We all know now that L’Artiste doesn’t cope well with rejection. After I declined to answer his questions on Sunday night he went away and I thought that is it… He broke the link and this means the game came to an end. But last night he showed up again and said: “Okay then, if you are such a spoil sport, I am going to tag Lil’ Sculpture instead!”

“Oh L’Artiste,” I said surprised, “Lil’ Sculpture isn’t a Dede either. You are pushing it a bit here. Why do you want to do that?”  I was sure he did it to spite me.

“Isn’t that what I am meant to do? Push the boundaries?” L’Artiste answered unwavering. “Anyway, I see it slightly differently. Lil’ Sculpture is our mascot and this makes him part of our society. If we include him in our games rather than make him watch from the book shelf I am sure he will feel more welcome, more integrated, don’t you think?”

Before I could answer, Lil’ Sculpture had jumped down from the shelf and given L’Artiste a hug.