lartiste answers

Socialite was a bit slow coming up with questions and telling us who she wants to tag. We should have guessed, really. She was after L’Artiste. She had been so keen on interviewing him ever since his film “Life of an Artist” was posted. This time she got lucky. It took her a while to find him, though, to present him the questions. But then he couldn’t hide forever.

1.Why are you an artist?

L’Artiste: I think I have answered this question before. I just am, there is no reason for it!

2. What would you be if you weren’t an artist?

L’Artiste: Dead!

3. What would you consider a must read for every artist?

L’Artiste: “Josephine the singer, or the mouse folk” by Kafka. I only read it recently when the blogger Eva-d recommended it after I had released my film. It deals with the perception of the arts by the audience and the artist. It made me think a lot.

4. What was the most intriguing piece of information you have heard lately, not sourced from the internet?

L’Artiste: I read a very interesting article about fraternal polyandry in a Western Chinese province.

Socialite: You’ll have to explain that.

L’Artiste:  No, I only have to answer the question! And I think I have.

5. What are you currently working on?

L’Artiste: On a “Stair spirit” for the new stairs we will have in the house soon. It is sort of like the Saints that were placed at bridges to ensure a safe journey across. My one will of course look totally different, but has the same function.