sunny and lartiste

Who is going to tell Sunny that we are not using his project as is. Certainly not me. I am a wimp when it comes to such talks. Thankfully I have a good excuse. I am not even a Dede. If I told him he could view the decision as oppression and blame me, the outsider, for his woes of being turned down yet again rather than taking in the real reservations we all have with his proposal after Minor’s revelation yesterday. No, one of the Dedes has to tell him and let him down softly.

I asked for volunteers and waited for a bit but nobody held their hand up for this certainly ungrateful job. Devil just shook his head when I looked at him. “I resigned from my job as spokesperson, remember? I gave you the letter” he said.

“And I’ve never officially accepted it!” I reminded him.

“You took it and said you will get back to me after the weekend. You never did.”

“Guys, guys, what is it with you two?” Witch interrupted. “It’s not helping. This is a totally different issue and won’t get us anywhere today!”

“I just wish he understood what it means to be an artist” L’Artiste started now. “He doesn’t get that while you can use bits of existing work you have to bring your own in and develop it further. He is such a me-too guy. It drives me bonkers!”

“Do you want to talk to him, artist to artist?” I immediately asked.

“No, he wouldn’t take it from me. He would discard my words as sour grapes, as though I was envious I didn’t come up with this ‘brilliant’ project.”

“Why don’t we all talk to him then he has to accept we all agree on it.”

“Yes, and have him feel like standing before a tribunal? This is a sure recipe for disaster…”

Minor should tell him. After all she knows the entire background. And it was her who alerted us to his ruse.”

“C’mon she is only a teenager. Do you think he will take the message from her?” Detail stepped protectively in front of her daughter.

“I don’t know what the big deal is” Philosopher finally said. “I’ll do it. It’s not that we want to scrap the project entirely. We just have to strip it back and assemble it differently, don’t we? I personally like the beginning with everybody sitting on the stands. It goes right back to our roots as NO BODIES. When you look at the image posted yesterday your expressions are just gorgeous. Can’t we work along these lines? We just need a mentor who can help Sunny develop it into his own style.”

“Agreed” I said quickly before he could change his mind. “You just proved you would be the perfect mentor!”

“But I know the least about art.” Philosopher pointed out.

“Art  is Sunny’s job. You only have to keep him on track.”