socialite reading

Socialite takes her new job seriously and was reading the first scripts last night. This morning she arrived all chirpy at the breakfast table. “I have one brilliant contender already” she said. “It was handed in by Sunny.”

Just to recap, Sunny is a wanna-be artist who tries very hard to come up with something he will be noticed for. He last featured on this blog when he ripped-off the artwork of ArtistatExit0. Back then I was very cross with him, but now all is forgiven and forgotten as in this process he created our dearly loved mascot Lil’ Sculpture, who sits on the bookshelf watching what the Dedes do.

Socialite continued with her account. “Honestly, this script meets all the criteria. It is very short and everybody who wants to can take part.”

“Is it fun?” asked Alien


“Is it artisic?” asked L’Artiste

“Yes, this too”

“Is it meaningful?” asked Philosopher


“So tell us the storyline then” I invited her.

She told us the whole thing can be shot in a couple of hours. It starts off with the Dedes sitting in-animate on their stands except for Sunny dancing around everybody. His dancing is so infectious that after a short time all the Dedes are dancing like mad. And that is it.

“It is so simple and says it all” she explained. “Life is drudgery until someone comes along and rips you out of your dullness!”

“Oh dear, you are two months too late” said Minor, the sloppy teenage daughter of Detail. We all looked at her. But she said no more, her eyes glued to her breakfast bowl she continued eating. That made us think she wasn’t actually talking to us and was in her own little world as usual.

“I think it has merit!” I said. “Sunny has done a fine job coming up with this one. If you are all okay, lets give it a go after breakfast!”

You should have seen how quickly they all finished their muesli.