alien and smuggy

The Dedes have a strange hold over me. On the one hand they keep me sane in my current situation, but on the other hand they are driving me totally crazy. I have to admit there is a thin line between the two states of mind.

Over Easter I started my new project, which will take a while, as it is the first time that I am not doing everything myself. I have somebody coming up with a script for a short film. It is a fun project for my tennis club. We are going to explain some of the more obscure rules and how to behave on court.  So far, the project only exists in my head and in our club captain’s head. I would like to get more talent involved and hopefully we can turn the entire thing into a fundraiser for a much needed upgrade of our courts. As everybody knows, as soon as more than one person is involved things get trickier and the different ideas have to be managed somehow. So I thought I would jog things along a bit by creating some footage to help visualise what the puppets are capable of.

First of all I needed to find a good pairing who will play well together. Originally I thought Alien would be perfect but it turned out his infectious smile is quite annoying when it comes to a game of tennis. Nobody would smile throughout an entire game! He played against Smuggy and it was pretty boring. No highlights whatsoever.

mouse and nosy

Mouse and Nosy Neighbour were  another combination I tried. Mouse is a good player and kept a cool head. She was a tad aloof and kept her head high at all times. She obviously had the mental advantage over Nosy Neighbour and just thrashed him. Understandably he wasn’t happy. Who wants to be beaten by a girl!

foxy and socialite

The last combination I tried was Foxy Lady and Socialite. I love how these two eyeball each other all the time. Foxy Ladies’ big eyes come out very well in the game. So I guess they will be the stars of the next film.