socialite artiste

Socialite wanted to interview L’Artiste about the film and looked everywhere for him. Finally, she found him sitting high up on a ladder in the studio contemplating. Socialite, even though she tries to climb the social ladder, is afraid of heights so she had to shout at him. That meant everyone became privy to their conversation.

It turns out that L’Artiste doesn’t want to talk about the film unless our viewers have particular questions. Socialite tried her best to convince him of the film’s artistic merit, but he couldn’t see it and he stubbornly denied her the interview. Instead, it became clear that I can add him to the list of Dedes who un-friended me. He is annoyed because he believed we were just fooling around and it was only a trial for a bigger film we wanted to do. He thought we were trying things out to see if it was feasible. On the day of the shooting he was very frustrated and he acted ridiculously, exaggerating everything.  He was very surprised when he realised I had uploaded the film to Youtube and the blog without further consultation. He would have had a thing or two to say about the storyline and he certainly would have had a different ending. He is thoroughly annoyed because  now our wider audience thinks he is a shallow chap. He is adamant this isn’t a fair depiction of him at all.

“Get over it!” Socialite ended the conversation  “Nowadays you always have to be on your guard.”

L’Artiste still moped: “Honestly, it never occurred to me that friends could do such things to each other! She really has to consider our feelings a bit more.”