rob and bobby
On Friday I finished the pictures for the “Embrace Diversity” series and uploaded them, so I could finish the t-shirt series over the weekend. I have six different images, but then I realised I had forgotten the words dede puppets on the image. How could I? The originals are of course at work, so I won’t be able to continue until Monday.

While I was working on the images I thought they might be suitable for my exhibition in June, without the caption though. I have to start working a bit smarter and not reinvent the wheel every time I start a new thing. I feel just so much more comfortable creating than promoting. The Dedes have a valid point when they tell me I am hindering their growth.

I came across a problem with my zazzle store. When I look at it, the prices are in New Zealand Dollars as the domain is I don’t know what happens when a person from America clicks on the link at the bottom of my blog. Is the website intelligent enough to realise it should link to the domain? Or do Americans see New Zealand prices as well? If that is the case, I would think they will fall flat on their backs and I will never make a sale over there. Can somebody enlighten me how this works? I would appreciate this a lot.